Define your needs and wants

On the day we were born, all we needed was air and warmth. It was easy to know what we needed rather than what we wanted. As we grew older, external forces influence us and seemingly blur the difference between want and need.
"I need to get that newest phone model."
"I need that dress in my life."

Our language shows how much we have confused one with the other. Therefore it gets harder to let go of material things and relationships because of the fear of losing what we thought we need. However, once we separate the two, everything seems clearer. Here's how I define both:
  • Need: things that are necessary for me to live. Ex: air, food, water, clothing, shelter.
  • Want: things that aren't necessary for me to live, but will somehow make me feel good. Ex: The latest mobile phone, clothing from famous labels.

I'm not saying that wants don't have a purpose in this world, but priorities should be on the needs before anything else. Once you have your basic needs, then choose if you still want to buy your wants or not.

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