GTD and Minimalism

If you're new to Getting Things Done, I suggest you go here before reading this post.

One of GTD's important processes is deciding whether something is actionable or not. If it is actionable then deal with it, if it is not then do something else with it. This is where GTD and minimalism cross paths as both will require you to think whether something has use for you or not. If it is useful, keep it (tickler file/calendar/reference). If it is not, then throw (trash it) or give it away to someone else (delegate it).

Another great thing about GTD is that you can adapt it or modify it according to your needs. A prominent minimalist blogger, Leo Babauta, devised his own version: "Zen to Done". He has stayed true to the process and added one more idea to the pot: MITs. I see his point both as a minimalist and someone who wants to prioritize important things over trivialities. There are also various talks about what way to do this properly: electronic, pen-and-paper, or hybrid. It totally depends on what tools you're comfortable with.

Personally, I went the middle way and gone hybrid. What about you? Do you think GTD is minimalist-friendly or not?

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